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Why Salt Baths are actually hydrating your skin!

Why Salt Baths are actually hydrating your skin!

Dry and sensitive skin can be a minefield when it comes to bathing.

It can be hard to find products which leave you feeling clean and fresh without triggering redness, irritation or that troublesome tight feeling. But dry skin deserves to feel clean and comfortable, so here’s how you can support your skin by cleansing it gently and naturally.

One of the main triggers of dry, sensitive skin is the use of harsh, alkaline cleansing ingredients which strip your skin and disrupt the natural barrier. Commonly used examples are the lathering agents such as SLS/SLES (sodium lauryl sulphate / sodium laureth sulphate) which are found in many shower gels and bubble baths.

Not only do they dry out and irritate the skin, but can also disrupt the pH of our delicate areas to trigger or aggravate conditions such as thrush. They’re surprisingly common and can even be found in many ‘sensitive skin’ products. So do check your labels before purchasing.

When you leave the bath or shower, your skin and body should feel soft, comfortable and hydrated. A healthy base to lock in moisture with the application of natural skin creams or oils. To easily achieve this, we recommend incorporating bath salts such as EPSOM SALTS and or PURE DEAD SEA SALTS into your bathing routine, to naturally cleanse and purify the skin. Dead Sea Salt Minerals have been praised for their naturally gentle skin-cleansing abilities and can be used on all skin types, including sensitive skin and children.

Dead Sea Salt comes from Maris Sal (sea/lake water) as this source of salt is still active as a spa, and a popular destination for those with problematic skin, who travel from around the globe to bathe in the ancient healing waters.

Despite its name, the Dead Sea is a large salt lake and not a sea, and is found at the lowest point on earth, which is thought to explain the rich mineral content. It is the high levels of Magnesium Chloride and Potassium that are thought to be behind the powerful skin-soothing and hydrating qualities of Dead Sea Salt and make it a great choice as a salt bath for cleansing dry and sensitive skin.

Magnesium Chloride is known as a natural antiseptic and was used during WW1 and WW2 to cleanse and heal wounds as it showed effective antiseptic properties, yet was gentle and didn’t irritate the skin like the other antiseptics of those times. This is why Dead Sea Salt is the best bath salts for sensitive skin, due to its natural calming and healing properties.

To Run The Perfect Dead Sea Salt Bath – Great To Soothe And Purify Troubled Skin:

Dead Sea Bath Salts

Packed with mineral goodness as they are naturally dried and unrefined to ensure they retain the maximum mineral content from the healing waters of the Dead Sea. Use these gently cleansing salts in your bath either on their own or alongside our other bath salts and soaks. Perfect for those with troubled skin, a Dead Sea Salt bath will deep-cleanse sensitive skin while helping to soothe any irritation or redness.

* Add your Dead Sea Bath Salts to a warm bath. Ideally the temperature should be between 37-39°C. This is the optimum window to help with absorbing the minerals into your skin and keeps things from being too hot which can aggravate sensitive skin.

* It would be very hard to recreate the exact buoyancy levels of the Dead Sea, as you’d need to put around 30kg of Dead Sea Salt in your bath to float on the surface! However, you can definitely benefit from bathing in mineral-rich waters by adding around 500g-1kg of Dead Sea Salt for a weekly skin cleansing bath treatment which can also help soothe and calm any redness. If you bathe regularly then you can just add 1-2 cups of Dead Sea Salt to every bath to help soften the water and protect your skin.

 * Relax and unwind in the bath for around 20 minutes. Again, make sure you don’t strip or sensitise your skin by adding in products with unnecessary chemicals like SLS or SLES.

*We also recommend trying one of our all-natural body oils to apply after a healing salty bath.

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