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Totum Sport: Electrolytes

by Totum
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Pack of 10

This product comes in a pack of 10 x 20ml Totum Sport Sachets


Totum Electrolytes is the only 100% natural hypertonic drink designed to improve sports performance. Thanks to its content, cold microfiltered seawater, it provides you with up to 78 electrolytes necessary to keep you properly hydrated during your workouts and sports events, restoring lost mineral salts and helping you overcome all your challenges.


✔️ Restore electrolyte balance;
✔️ A normal energy metabolism;
✔️ Reduce tiredness and muscle fatigue;
✔️ Maintain normal protein synthesis;
✔️ Normal muscle function.


Made with 100% cold microfiltered seawater.


✔️ Suitable for vegan, raw vegan, vegetarian and paleo diets.
✔️ Made with natural ingredients.
✔️ No artificial colors or preservatives.
✔️ No gluten, no added sugars.

Quick Facts

Quantity: Box with 10 drinkable sachets of 20 ml. (Total net amount 200ml).
Designed for: Optimum recovery and improvement of performance in sports practice of high intensity or duration.

Directions for Use

The body begins to lose minerals during various efforts while playing sports. In this sense, and to obtain optimal results in sports performance, it is recommended:
✔️ 1 sachet before exercise.
✔️ 1 sachet during exercise (or 60 minutes after starting).
✔️ 1 sachet at the end of the exercise.
If the type of exercise, its duration or the weather conditions (heat, humidity) require it, the dose can be repeated at a rate of 1 out of every hour.


How is Totum Sport superior to other electrolyte and performance supplements?
The vast majority of electrolyte and performance supplements contain a very limited number of electrolytes, which are not necessarily bioavailable. Other supplements often contain added sugars and/or flavors, which can increase muscle and stomach cramps. Totum Sport provides 78 bioavailable electrolytes, in the correct proportions to maintain the correct electrolyte balance within the body. Totum Sport is 100% natural with NO added ingredients such as sugars, additives, preservatives or flavorings.

How long will 40 sachets last on average? The recommended consumption of Totum Sport will depend on how much you train. We recommend you take one sachet of Totum Sport before and after training sessions lasting 40-60 minutes. In which case 40 sachets should last 4 weeks when training 5 days a week for 40mins-1hr. NB: Totum Sport should not be used as a substitute for rest days although it can be taken on rest days to aid recovery.

Can Totum Sport be taken with other supplements? Yes! Totum Sport can be taken alongside other sports supplements and can actually maximise their absorption in the body.